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Welcome to movement.

We are building a network
of Self-Sustainable 
Creative Holistic Retreats, where you will learn,

practice  & experience

simple wellbeing knowledge & different spiritual practices

about how to reach and obtain

natural health and happiness. 
All sprinkled with

EQ  /  Empathy ...

... for you, animals and nature.​​​​​

“When I thrive, you thrive..”

                        - Julia Roberts        

                                                             speaking on behalf of Mother Nature

We have started movement,

to spread & bring closer to you the power of EQ / Empathy.

​If our World would be run on EQ / Empathy, we all could Thrive. ​

In our Creative Holistic Retreats,

all the activities are focused to the well-being of human, animals and nature.

We are addressing some of the issues of today, such as:

- HUMAN HEALTH / Natural Health 2All

- PLANET POLLUTION / Save Trees Grow Hemp &


Abandoned Pets for Orphans & Seniors.

Many people, animals & nature

are not yet thriving as they could or should.

We feel it is our duty to create a positive change.

By starting movement 

we are creating EQual opportunities to reach better health and happy life

for all who join us - online or in our Retreat.

Interesting fact is that there is enough wealth in the world for everyone

to live a prosperous, healthy and happy life,

only the distribution of resources needs some correction.

We are working on it & also you can help. :)

Our task is to bring to you our Online classes for free.​
We are creating a big happy family of healthy people. :)

Together We Can Do It Better. :)

Join Us.

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Tea Time
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n_courtney-kenady-h5ZPU1hU5CM-unsplash.j Movement
Let's step together

In Movement We call everybody, whose funds are sleeping, to move them into our Project.

Let’s start the Snowball Rolling. :)

By every donation you are pushing us to gather even more for our good cause. Fact is, that we want to make our programes available online for free - for as many people as possible.. and for this - we need your support.

We are positive, that everyone

who will get to know about our project and who lives in abundancy

will be contributing the way each one can afford to.. weather by donating funds

or by spreading the word about our Movement..

And this will be a big step towards fairer re-distribution of wealth, health and happiness all over our Planet. 

To start off – we need your support. :)

We are running a Crowd Funding Campaign here:

Home: Who We Are

What & How
Do We Do

We are re-distributing world weath to create EQall possibilities for Human, Animals & Nature to live naturally healthier and happier life. 

We believe that together we can change the world into a better place.​

Small steps, but important ones.

Read short introductions below to each project and click the link to visit project sites for detailed overview.

We can only succeed with your help.

Please write to us & tell how you want to contribute.

For now - we need funds and to spread the word about the project on social media.. and we will need volunteers..

We are running Crowd funding Campaign here:

Thank you for sharing on social media or your e.mail and/or donating if possible in these times. :)

“The Wisest and Noblest Teacher is Nature Itself.”

                                   - Leonardo da Vinci

Home: What We Do


Natural Health 2All

One Step at a Time

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano.

Raised donations will be used to prepare (for now) online creative classes for a healthier and happier life. 

If we get our body, mind and spirit in balance - we can be perfectly healthy and happy. Our licensed instructors will show you how to reach this equilibrium.

It is easy with the help of an expert.

Welcome to join us.

Please check for more info on our site:

With your help we can prepare daily seminars - How to naturally reach a healthy and happy life.


Abandoned Pets to

Orphans & Seniors

Making Kids and Seniors Happy by rescuing Stray Dogs and Cats

With this project we create a win-win situation by buying food and paying trainers for stray dogs and cats and to organize adoption by senior homes and orphanages.

Everybody needs somebody.. and the possibility of having a pet for an orphan or for a senior can sometimes mean the world to them..

Please check for more info on our site:

With your help we can create a team of trainers which will than prepare stray dogs and cats for life with kids and seniors.


Save Planet - Grow Hemp

Helping Mother Earth

Breathe and Bloom again

Raised donations will be used to plant HEMP (Industrial Cannabis) – one of the best and most useful plants on our planet.. It cleans the air of CO2 and the soil of heavy metals.. All plastic products can be made from Hemp (which is bio-degradable) so it helps reduce the production and pollution of plastic.. it helps bees, human & animals.

Please check for more info on our site:

With your help, we can sew hectars of Industrial Hemp and then produce bio-degradable single use products with it.

High Fives

William James

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

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